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This website is more of a personal thing, but if you happened to come by here, you are welcome to snoop.

Annie's "Back To Eden" Garden (ABTEG)

How to Grow, Harvest, and Preserve Vegetables Organically the 'Back To Eden' Way.

"When God designed the land sake project for planet earth, He is so genius, He designed it in such a way, that He would never have to show up for work. It is completely self-sustained." --Paul Gautschi, Organic Gardener, Washington

The Annie's "Back To Eden" Garden (ABTEG) website is just a personal one, a kind of "records book," so I'll have the information at hand when I need it, mostly for the vegetables. I've tried to find from two to five of the best articles on each vegetable, to get a better understanding of what to do. For those of you who have stumbled on this website, I hope you enjoy it and maybe even learn something.

Some History
Just about everything at Annie's "Back To Eden" Garden is going to be an "experiment" because I was NOT raised on a farm, but only had tiny gardens in city backyards, and the only animals kept were "pets." Am retired now, so have lots of time to learn some new things, like... growing my own heirloom veggies, canning, fishing and hunting, raising chickens, rabbits and goats, mushrooms, bees, and worms, having a small dwarf fruit/nut orchard, doing some water "harvesting" off my roof, maybe having a "greywater" system for the front yard orchard, and having a way to help supply the local food bank. Also want to have a Prayer Walk in the front yard, have an Honor Stand, and use the living room as a Classroom for Bible Studies, Ag classes, and a gathering point for people wanting to evangelize. Am old and have bad joints, so things go slowly, as I have to just "putter" to get anything done. But certainly am enjoying myself just the same.

"2013: Year of the Farmer" Video Link HERE
"Workin' Farmer Style" Video Link HERE
Dairy Farmer Music Parody HERE
Truckers, Heartbeat of America HERE

Special webpage of Charles Spurgeon farmer quotes and sermons HERE NEW!
Marjory Wildcraft Video "Grow Half Your Own Food in Your Back Yard HERE NEW!

Website Notes
1) In an attempt to eliminate spam, I've added gaps in the eMail addresses, and use green print (remember to close the gaps if you use an eMail. Example: abteg44 @ (type it WITHOUT the gaps)
2) Due to theme software, hyperlinks (except eMail addresses) are rust colored instead of the usual blue.
3) When you see a Bible verse with an asterisk (*) scroll down to the bottom of the page for more information.
4) You never know what you'll find here: cartoons, charts, jokes, songs, recipes, and maybe an unusual photoshop of a Kiwi Mouse?
5) An apology is due, for using old software that no longer has support for it's users. I don't know how to make my pages "center" on the screen, without loosing half my page to being scrambled. Hope you don't mind my "left-handed" website!
6) Remember to bookmark this site in your Favorites folder, if you decide it's worthwhile to you.

Everything at ABTEG is
going to be grown, raised, and canned organically:

       Chickens & Eggs
       Compost & Manure
       Goats and Milk
What I don't use/can myself will be sold at an Honor Stand in the front yard, or donated to a food bank.

Why Farm Organically? Here's one Farmer's opinion: ORGANIC FARMING
How does Organic Farming benefit Farmers? HOME TOWN FARMS

What do I mean by "Organic?"

  • No toxic synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fumigants
  • No chemical fertilizers or sewer sludge used as fertilizer
  • No planting of genetically engineered crops or use of cloned animals
  • No synthetic hormones or antibiotics
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No artificial colors or synthetic flavors or sweeteners
  • No trans fats
  • No irradiation

This is the seal I'll be working toward:

Article: "Organic Methods Hold Water" in Organic Gardening, written by Amanda Kimble Evans. Also see CHART.

Here is a picture of my NEW home in Franklin County!

Here's a link that will take you to PROJECTS I'll be starting around the new homestead.

Here are photos of Paul Gautschi (see quote at top of page). Even though I have never personally met him, I feel like he is my garden mentor. He and God were my inspiration for starting Annie's "Back to Eden" Garden:

Paul Gautschi  Paul taking time to talk about God in his garden.  Paul's Back To Eden Garden sign.  Paul giving some welcomed instruction and inspiration.

A Paul Gautschi pruned fruit tree.  Paul with Dana Richardson filming for a documentary.

Click HERE if you'd like to watch Paul's "Back To Eden" Documentary.

Some of Paul's visitors:
"Our Visit to Paul Gautschi's Back to Eden Garden" part 1 HERE by L2Survive
"Our Visit to Paul Gautschi's Back to Eden Garden" part 2 HERE by L2Survive
"Our Visit to Paul Gautschi's Back to Eden Garden" part 3 HERE by L2Survive
"Back To Eden Garden: 5 Month Update" HERE by LDSPrepper
How To Prune Your Orchard Like Paul's - part 1 HERE by L2Survive
How To Prune Your Orchard Like Paul's - part 2 HERE by L2Survive

Lessons learned from Paul's pruning videos:
1) cut off all suckers.
2) where the branches are too full, cut branches toward the center to bring in sunlight.
3) shorten or cut off branches that will touch the ground so the fruit won't touch it.
4) cut off one of the branches when they are crossing one another.
5) you can save a larger cut branch in a cooler to graft later in April.
6) several times during summer, use gloves and knock off the new buds.
7) don't worry about empty spaces, the tree will fill in next year.
8) trees are forgiving, if you make a mistake, the tree will give you new options the following year.
9) unlike vegetables, fruit trees NEED to be cross pollinated.
10) don't try planting the seeds from fruit trees because you will not get the same variety.
11) nurseries bring in bare root fruit trees in February, that's the time to plant them.

The Gardener’s Prayer

O Lord, grant that in some way it may rain every day, say from about midnight until three o’clock in the morning, but you see, it must be gentle and warm, so that it can soak in; grant that at the same time it would not rain on Campion, Alyssum, Helianthemum, Lavender, and the others which You in Your infinite wisdom know are drought-loving plants - I will write their names on a bit of paper if You like - and grant that the sun may shine the whole day long, but not everywhere (not, for instance, on Spirea, or on Gentian, Plantain-lily, and Rhododendron), and not too much; that there may be plenty of dew and little wind, enough worms, no plant-lice and snails, no mildew, and that once a week thin liquid manure and guano may fall from heaven. Amen.
--Karel Capek (1890-1938)

"Thou wilt bring them in, and plant them on Thy own mountain, the place, O Lord, which Thou hast made for Thy abode, the sanctuary, Lord, which Thy hands have established." (Exodus 15:17)


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